About us 

NATH Sustainable Solutions provides consulting services implementing cutting edge sustainable solutions to universities, colleges, schools, hotels, nursing homes, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, among other organizations. As consultants, our main focus is to help our clients understand the facts, the consequences and the solutions to treat food & oil waste. We advise our client on implementing solutions that will help reach their environmental and corporate social responsibility targets, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide environmental stewardship with clients, suppliers and communities served. Our solutions will help drive sustainability values throughout your organization.
Our expert consultants will solve your operation’s food & vegetable oil waste problems.  Implement our onsite solutions and save money while helping to divert food waste from landfills, and therefore reducing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.  We understand each site is different, with its own nuances and challenges, and therefore we select the ideal solution that is customized to each site’s needs.
We believe that companies which follow the triple bottom line contribute more by maximizing ecological, economic and social values for stakeholders and shareholders. 




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