Sustainability; The journal of Record: Sustainable Dining Colleges and Corporations Take a Fresh Approach to Food.

Students Break Ground for St. John’s University’s Latest Sustainability Project: a Student-Run Organic Garden.

Biocycle Magazine: University Launches Composting.

APPA Magazine: St.John’s university launches an A500 Rocket.

St. John's Students Host Their First Food Composting Event.

Earth Club Furthers St. John’s As Sustainability Pacesetter.

The Compost King of Queens.

Students at St. John’s University Take Part in Earth Day 2009 Movement Across America.

St. John's University is Making Environmental History by Launching an A500 Rocket Model Food Composter, the First One in the US.

The Rocket Composter is scheduled to land at the ASSHE Sustainable Solutions Expo in Raleigh, NC on Sunday November 9, 2008.

Recycling the remains of Prince Charles' breakfast.

Recycling Results at Salford University in Manchester, UK.

North American Trading House, LLC is named Accelerated Compost, Ltd US exclusive distributor for the US Market. 

Tower Hotel in Crieff in Perthshire


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