RocketŪ composter
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 RocketŪ composter

The RocketŪ is an in-vessel composter for on-site treatment of organic wastes. These wastes can be food waste, meat and fish, garden and horticultural. We are helping companies manage their organic waste problem in a cost effective way while contributing to the environment. 

The RocketŪ eliminates the need for transportation of organic wastes from Universities, Hotels, Government Facilities, Corporate Cafeterias, Prisons and Nursing Homes, among other users. The RocketŪ provides a clean and simple solution that allows food waste to be treated onsite after its disposal. In 14 days, our systems transform the food waste into compost, which can be used for lawns and other green areas, thus closing the loop of recycling. 

The RocketŪ is very simple to run, requiring approximately 15-20 minutes of labor per day. The cost of operation is only wood chips (bulking agent) and minimal electrical power. The RocketŪ technology allows for a continuous in-vessel process in a cost effective way, saving time and effort, while producing high quality compost. 

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