HotRot is a uniquely designed high-efficiency composting system. The technology is the foundation of a highly efficient, odor free guarantee and cost effective composting system. HotRot is a continuous process, waste is added frequently in small amounts, which means fresh material is instantly inoculated with actively composting material already in the unit – there is no “lag-phase”, again speeding up the process. All these advantages allow the HotRot system to produce stable compost in as little as 10 days. HotRot guarantees that plant designed, installed and operated according to our guidelines will not result in odor problems for your business.

During the composting process moisture, CO2 and heat are generated. If any of these are allowed to accumulate they will become inhibitory. The unique tine-bearing central shaft within a HotRot unit redistributes heat and moisture as it rotates. Excess heat, moisture and CO2 are removed in the exhaust air stream. In traditional composting systems, excess moisture reacts with CO2 and other volatiles and forms complex acids, this acidic moisture lowers the pH of the material that is composting and inhibits microbial growth. Because excess moisture and CO2 are removed from a HotRot system in the exhaust air, acidic conditions do not develop, pH levels are higher, as are microbial numbers, and the composting process is therefore more efficient. Hot Rot has approximate 15 billion parts per gram Vs 200,000 part per gram in other composting process.

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